Posted on May 8, 2020

Cucumber Shop

Dear Friends,

I enjoy cucumbers and love gourmet cucumber-melons. In order for me to continue to offer unique cucumber varieties to you, I need to earn enough to sustain this hobby business. Over the course of time, I have invested much more time and money into this business than I have ever profited from it financially. Though I do make money, my profit margins border on philanthropy. With this in mind, here is my new pricing structure:
Pricing Structure:

Payment Method: Cost: Reasoning:
Venmo (Friend to Friend) & Cashier’s Check $2.50/packet Only these payment methods require no fee to you and me. I pay for item-specific Google Ads. You can link Venmo to an account through a debit card without having to provide all your bank information.
Paypal & Stripe $2.50-$3.49/packet Payment Processing Fees. I pay for item-specific Google Ads.
Other Marketplaces Up to $5.00/packet Listing Fees + Purchase Fees + Advertising Fees, etc.

For many kinds of seed, my profit margin is just over $1/order. Considering the amount of time, effort and money this hobby business requires, I cannot spend my life selling seeds that provide a net profit of less than a dollar per packet. This would not enable me to care for everything (and everyone) else in my life.
I hope you understand and will continue to support small businesses that provide greater variety and value than you could find anywhere else.


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